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Dumb Questions

Read answers to some of the top questions...

Here are some of the questions that my readers have been asking lately.  Some of my readers e-mail me saying, “I have a dumb question…”  Actually, these are NOT dumb questions.  These are questions that MANY table tennis players in the US are asking.  So, I decided to answer 10 of the questions today…
1.       Defaults
Question:  If I’m too tired to play a match and default, will I lose rating points?
Answer:  If you default before the match has started, you will not lose rating points. 
2.       Changing Your Racket
Question: Am I allowed to change rackets during a match?
Answer:  If you accidentally damage your racket, then you are allow to use your spare racket.
3.       Hiding Your Racket
Question:  When serving, is my opponent allowed to hide his racket under the table?
Answer: Yes, as long as he contacts the ball above the table.
4.       Hiding the Ball
Question:  When serving, is my opponent allowed to hide the ball behind his back or under the table?
Answer: No, the ball must always be visible to the receiver.
5.       Contacting the Ball
Question: If I toss the ball to serve and whiff the ball without touching it, is it a let serve (replay)?
Answer:  Once the ball has been tossed, it is “in play”.  If you whiff the ball, your opponent receives the point.
6.       Let Serves
Question:  How many let serves am I allowed?
Answer:  Unlimited
7.       Injury timeouts
Question:  Throughout the tournament day, I had knee pain.  Can I take an injury timeout in the 5th game for the knee pain?
Answer:  You should not have begun the match with a problem.  Once the match has begun, you cannot call timeout for a pre-existing problem that has persisted the same throughout the day.
8.       Paint Sheet
Question:  I was playing a penhold player that had a black paint sheet on the backside.  If he hits the ball with that side of the racket, how does it affect the spin on the ball?
Answer:  Your penhold opponent is not allowed to hit the ball with the paint sheet.
9.       Stomping
Question:  My opponent was stomping during his serve, is that allowed?
Answer:  That is up to the discretion of the tournament officials.  Tapping the foot is allowed.  Extremely loud stomping if usually not allowed.
10.   Clothes
Question:  My opponent has some white on his shirt, is that allowed?
Answer:  Your opponent’s shirt and short cannot be predominately white.  If it has “some” white but mostly green or blue or another color, then it is allowed.