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Themes - Ohio Winter Camp

Find out what you will be improving!

Ohio Winter Camp (December 28 - January 1)
Footwork…  Often times, when we hear the word footwork, we think of…  endless multiballs sessions with the coach feeding thousands of gutwrenching balls, dreaming of the ability to move like Xu Xin, wishing that we wouldn’t have gone to the McDonalds’ drive through, and somehow hoping that we will keep our 2021 New Year’s Resolutions!
Think Again!
The Ohio Winter Camp at the Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy is hosting a 5-day session on footwork.  BUT, it isn’t what you think.  Footwork is not just a matter of losing weight and jumping around like you are Sarah Jalli.  Footwork is about understanding where the ball is going, understanding the proper ways to move, understanding how to respond after your hit, understanding how to read the racket angle and timing of the opponent, understanding what drills you need to be incorporating into your weekly practice sessions, and understanding how to best implement these skills into match play. 
There are 10 sessions during the week.  At each session, we will be working in detail with a different theme linked to the main topic of the week – footwork.  Some of the primary aspects include:  Footwork Variations, Patterned Footwork, Random Footwork, Offense Footwork, Defense Footwork, Serve Return Footwork, Game Situation Drills, Timing Training, Vision Training, Balance Training, Positioning Training, Core Fitness, and Leg Fitness.

Ohio Winter Camp (December 28 - January 1)
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