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Ohio Mega Camps!

Jan 1, 2018 (All day) to Jul 21, 2018 (All day)
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July 18-21
We are still accepting more entries for the final Ohio Mega Camp.......July 18-21!  Register today to reserve your spot!
Contact Samson Dubina   330-949-9230
Entry Form
Hi Guys,
Thanks for registering for the July 18-21 Ohio Mega Camp!  Make sure that you carefully read all the info below...
Additional Sessions
Some of you still have to make the final payment.  Payment is due by Monday at 1pm.  You can pay with paypal or credit card by sending your payment to  If you would like to add additional sessions, just let me know.  The cost is $45/session.
Please let your friends and family know that we are still accepting more players.  Word of mouth is the best way for us to grow our camps and tournaments!  Thanks for your help!
The Ohio Mega Camp will be at the Shaw JCC 750 White Pond Dr Akron, Ohio.  Come to the back entrance (Summa Entrance) go down the stairs, and sign in at security.  This is a different location than the first 2 Ohio Mega Camps in June!
I'll have some products for sale this week!  Everything will be discounted including TT-FLEX, TT-SERVE, Nittaku Premium balls, and much more!
There is only 30 minutes for dinner break!  I would highly recommend bringing your food with you to the camp.  Please note:  no meat is allowed to be brought into the facility, except tuna.  Also, there are plenty of restaurants within 3-4 miles of the facility.
If you need to contact me, you can send me a personal e-mail or text me 330-949-9230.
Only Hai He and Mike Weinstock chose the accommodations package.  All others are responsible for their own airport transportation and accommodations.  I'll be sending out a separate message to Hai and Mike with additional info.
Lunch Together
I would like to have lunch together with the players on Thursday at 12pm at Olive Garden.  If you would like to join me, just let me know and I'll reserve a spot for you.  The address is 3924 Medina Rd Akron.
Additional Info:
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Player Listing (July 18-21)
The schedule has changed slightly.  Please make sure that you read carefully...
Gym setup 3-3:30pm
Session 1.....3:30-6pm
Dinner Break - no meat allowed in the building
Session 2.....6:30-9pm
Gym cleanup 9-9:30pm
Fitness Session 10:30-11:30am
Lunch at Olive Garden 11:30-2pm
Lecture 2-3pm
Gym Setup 3-3:30pm
Session 3.....3:30-6pm
Dinner Break - no meat allowed in the building
Session 4.....6:30-9pm
Gym cleanup 9-9:30pm
Lecture 1-1:30pm
Q & A Session 1:30-2pm
Robo-pong demo 2-3pm
Gym setup 3-3:30pm
Session 5......3:30-6pm
Dinner Break - no meat allowed in the building
Session 6.....6:30-9pm
Gym cleanup 9-9:30pm
Gym Setup 12-12:30pm
Session 7 12:30-3pm
Dinner Break - no meat allowed in the building
Session 8 3:30-6pm
Gym cleanup 6-6:30pm
Please note that the lectures, fitness session, and robot demo will all be done in area 1 (across from the men's restroom).  If you have trouble finding the room, just ask at the security desk when you enter the building.  All 8 training sessions will be done in the gymnasium (just follow the signs).

Thanks and see you soon!

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Player Listing (July 18-21)
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Regardless of your age, level, or playing style, we welcome you to join the Ohio Mega Camps were all players can progress in a friendly environment! 

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2020 E Maple Street North Canton, Ohio