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Presper Financial Architects

A message from our tournament sponsor



This year Presper Financial Architects made a big change to serve their clients better.
They are now an independent investment advisory firm regulated by the U.S. Securities
and Exchange Commission (SEC). While they still serve clients as financial advisors, it
is no longer through the broker/dealer, Cetera Advisors LLC.
As part of this change, Presper Financial Architects recommended their clients move
their accounts to TD Ameritrade so that they could benefit from overall lower fees,
advance technology allowing for access to accounts from all personal devices, as well
as the same exceptional customer service they are used to from the Presper team.
“This change is not a decision I made lightly,” said Tom Presper, CLU, ChFC
Founder, Financial Advisor. “We feel it’s the right move for both Presper Financial
Architects, and our clients. By moving your accounts with us to TD Ameritrade, we are
convinced you will get even better service, because they operate in a business model
that better aligns our interests with yours. We are looking forward to helping our clients
build an even brighter future.
About Presper Financial Architects:
Presper Financial Architects is an independent, full-service financial planning firm with
locations in Akron and Canton. The team provides retirement planning, wealth
management, insurance and estate planning. Clients enjoy regular investment and
financial planning reviews. No matter where you are in life, Presper Financial Architects
can help you build a financial plan that's customized for you.  Through their Blueprinting
process, they help you design an investment strategy that focuses on your future to help
you accomplish your goals.  Contact them today!
For more information, visit or call 330-253-6000.