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Ten Tactical Timeout Tips

Take 3 minutes to read these 10 tips...

Ten Tactical Timeout Tips
Many international matches have been won or lost based on WHEN the timeout was called and WHAT was said during the timeout.  In this short article, I’m going to give some brief tips about timeouts…
#1 Call It Early

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Your participation in our events is one of the main aspects of success for the Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy.  We thank those who have already registered for our upcoming events!  If you haven't signed up yet, please do so and bring your friends!  We look forward to seeing you soon!!!
Coach Samson Dubina
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Midwest Junior Championships (October 21)

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Ohio League
Join players from Akron, Canton, Columbus, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland for weekly competition!!!
Indiana Weekend Clinic
Ohio Weekend Clinic

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Develop a systematic approach to learning a new skill

"I'm so dumb!"
"I'm a loser!"
"Why can't I just do it?"
These are some of the comments that I hear flying around the table tennis club after learning a new skill.  Some local player goes on youtube, learns a new stroke, and thinks that he should have it perfected one week later at the club.  

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Major USATT Tournaments!
$3000 Newgy Ohio Open
Pittsburgh Steel City Open

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Join us August 14-15 here in Akron, Ohio for a clinic by Samson Dubina and Robert Eriksson (2700 level) as well as 4 assistant coaches.  With a group size of around 18 players and 6 coaches, each player is guaranteed to get plenty of individual attention!
August 14-15 Dubina/Eriksson Clinic  
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