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2 Tournaments!

Join us Feb 16-17!!!

We have 2 exciting tournaments here in Akron, Ohio!  Register now to reserve your spot!
Feb 16-17 USATT Sanctioned $3000 Tournament
Feb 17 Fun Recreational Ping Pong Tournament
Shaw JCC (Akron, Ohio)
Giant Round Robin Events
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FREE Dinner
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#1 Most Difficult Rule Change

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Parent FAQs

Check out these 5 questions that many parents are asking...

Is it better to play multiple sports or focus on ONLY table tennis?
This is up to each family.  Many top table tennis players like Kanak Jha started out playing soccer or other sports.  Around age 11-12 years old, many of them decided to dedicate more time to table tennis.  Professional players usually practice around 25-30 hours/week.
What about ________   ________  US table tennis superstar who many years ago got burned out from only playing table tennis?


Bible Verse of the Week

Matthew 7:48 Therefore you shall be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect.
How can we follow Jesus’ command?  How can any human be perfect? We can’t.  This is an impossible standard.  The good news is that Jesus has met this standard on our behalf.
2 Corinthians 5:21 For God made him who had no sin to be sin for us that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.

Passport to Retirement

Join this upcoming class!

Presper Financial Architects have confirmed their support of Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy in 2018 partnering together to grow the sport here in Ohio. So how can you find out more about them? They are now offering a class called Passport to Retirement: Your How-To Guide to Retirement Success.
We encourage you to attend!

Info Page:

THANK YOU for supporting them as they continue to support the table tennis community here in Ohio!

Looping Flips

Find out the 4 main keys!

Looping Flips
Looping flips is one of the most under-developed skills in America.  Nearly everyone trains looping pushes, looping long serves, looping blocks, and even looping loops.  However, the loop against the flip requires a slightly different technique.
Shorter Strokes


Learn How to Focus During an Intense Match

Distractions might seem trivial, but they can take your focus on the match and off your game-plan.  Common distractions include - bad playing conditions, illegal serves,  a loud competitor on the next table, stalling, and many other things. 


Until Dec 15, get a free copy of 100 Days of Table Tennis

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In-and-Out Footwork

Short Article and Video!

Nearly everyone practices side-to-side footwork, but very few people practice in-and-out footwork. There are many occasions where this is necessary to contact the ball at the optimum timing. There are many many situations, but here are a few for starters....

Moving in...
Against a long-pips or anti-spin block
Against a miss-hit
When playing a chopper
After going back to retrieve a deep ball

Moving out...
After receiving a short serve
Against a punch block
When looping or smashing a high ball

Table Tennis Nutrition

Learn How to Boost Your Level With FOOD!

As a table tennis coach, I receive hundreds of questions regarding a variety of topics including physical fitness, sports psychology, nutrition, and many other things.  In this blog, I’m going to briefly mention some basic nutrition rules that I have learned and try diligently to practice and encourage my students to practice as well.
Rule #1   Diets Don’t Work