Coach Samson Dubina 2016 US National Team Coach 2015 USATT Coach of the Year

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Serve & Return Clinic

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When I heard that Robert would be coming to the US, I immediately asked if he could come help the Ohio players with serve & serve return.  That's what it's all about Serve & Serve Return.  And, Robert is one of the most detailed coaches in the world on this topic.  Not only does he have the big titles from competing his whole life in one of the world's best leagues, but he also has the coaching skills to help players of all levels.  He is more than just an excellent player, he is an excellent coach.  In previous years, he has helped me so much in my game and I'm sure that he can help you as well!  Robert and I will be working together to teach you the details of reading spin, maintaining balance, getting the right position, finding the right timing, knowing where to place the ball, and knowing how to properly anticipate the next return.  In fact, we have written a 4-page outline so that you can know exactly what you will be learning.  Check out the detailed info...
Detailed Info:
Saturday, Sep 23rd
Cost is $55/session
Great playing conditions - Shaw JCC, wood floor, high ceiling, quality training balls
Limited group size - register now to reserve your spot!