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20 Different Opponents!

This year, become a tactical tournament player!

Playing the right tactics is one of the vital keys to winning your next match.  In order to know which tactics to play, it is often helpful to label your opponent as a looper, chopper, lobber, blocker, etc.  Once you have placed him in a category, then you can begin making a game-plan.  (please realize that many playing styles overlap)
Check out these tactics articles on playing specific opponents:

Passport to Retirement

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Presper Financial Architects have confirmed their support of Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy in 2018 partnering together to grow the sport here in Ohio. So how can you find out more about them? They are now offering a class called Passport to Retirement: Your How-To Guide to Retirement Success.
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Info Page:

THANK YOU for supporting them as they continue to support the table tennis community here in Ohio!

Spin Question

< 1% of American TT Players Can Answer This Question

Forcing the Movement

Check out the video

Sometimes when learning a new skill, you just need to force yourself to do the right thing. It may not be your habit, but you need to just remind yourself over and over and over for days and weeks during training and during matches. For Ron, moving doesn't come natural. He demonstrates that he CAN move, but just must force himself to do it. I admire his efforts

Tactical Choooing?!?

5 things to consider...

How verbal should you be during a match? 
Is it a waist of energy?
Is it motivating? 
Is it rude? 
In this article, I’m going to outline some instructions for my personal students.

400 Coaching Articles

10 Years of Full-Time Coaching

During the last 10 years of full-time coaching, I have written around 400 coaching articles.  These articles are now tagged and somewhat organized by topic.  Check out the full listing and read the articles of your choice.  Check them out here -

League Finals

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Mega Training Camp (Nov 1 DEADLINE)

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Shaw JCC Mega Camp
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Shaw JCC Mega Training Camp (Dec 27-30)
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Daily Schedule

Mega Camp (Dec 27-30)

Nov 1st Early-Bird Discount!
Mega Camp Daily Schedule
Shaw JCC Mega Training Camp (Dec 27-30)
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Wed, Dec 27th
Afternoon Training  2.5 hours
Evening Training  2.5 hours
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Thursday, Dec 28th
Morning Tactics Lecture 1.5 hours