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Day 2 (Shaw JCC Mega Camp)

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With a 1.5 hour interactive footwork lecture and 5 hours of training on the table, the players had a full day of footwork. During the 1.5 we discussed the importance of racket positioning, the proper way to balance, as well as the positioning of the legs and feet. The bulk of the lecture was spent discussing the 10 ways of moving….
#1 Simple side movement (shuffle) with beginner and advanced variations
#2 Long-distance crossover
#3 Simple in-and-out
#4 In-and-out jump
#5 Short game 1-step
#6 Short game 2-step
#7 Lateral blocking footwork

Day 1 (Shaw JCC Mega Camp)

Video and Article

Probabilities VS Indicators

Learn About Anticipation

A probability is what is likely to happen, an indicator is what is happening.  Why is it important to understand these terms?  Because your ability to anticipate properly totally depend on these 2 – probabilities and indictors.  Let me explain…

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US Open Champions!

Congrats to the Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy players who competed in the US Open! This was the best result that we have ever had! Keep working hard guys!

Sarah Jalli - 1st Place u11 Girls

Niklash Nagpure - Quarterfinalist u11 Boys

Yijing Chen - Semifinalist u800

Seth Pech - Semifinalist u2500

Samson Dubina - 1st Place O30 Men's Singles

Parth Nagpure - Top 16 u1800

Janset Aykanat - Semifinalist u3200 Doubles

Thanks to ITTF Coach Blake Cottrell for coming to Vegas to assist with the coaching as well!

400 Coaching Articles

10 Years of Full-Time Coaching

During the last 10 years of full-time coaching, I have written around 400 coaching articles.  These articles are now tagged and somewhat organized by topic.  Check out the full listing and read the articles of your choice.  Check them out here -


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In table tennis, it is vitally important to have shoes that are light weight, supportive, and have good grip. Grip is important because it allows you to make quick stops while moving in-and-out and side-to-side. It is also critical to have a damp towel near the table to wipe off your shoes during training sessions and tournaments. Check out this video...

Mega Training Camp

We now have 2-3 more openings!

The Dec 27-30 Mega Training Camp now has about 2-3 more openings!!!

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Even if you can't come for the full 8 sessions, you can register for any number of individual sessions.  The cost is $45 per session.

#1 Most Difficult Rule Change

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Parent FAQs

Check out these 5 questions that many parents are asking...

Is it better to play multiple sports or focus on ONLY table tennis?
This is up to each family.  Many top table tennis players like Kanak Jha started out playing soccer or other sports.  Around age 11-12 years old, many of them decided to dedicate more time to table tennis.  Professional players usually practice around 25-30 hours/week.
What about ________   ________  US table tennis superstar who many years ago got burned out from only playing table tennis?