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Probabilities vs Indicators

Do YOU know the difference?


Pitfalls of Anticipation

Check out this 2-min video!


So you want to improve?


Anticipation Basics

Learn the 8 Simple Keys

Many of my students think that they can read-my-mind.  They can’t read-my-mind but they can read-my-racket.  Instead of merely “guessing” where the next ball is going, they should be watching my racket and adjusting based on what they “see”.

Predicting the Future

Learn to win by thinking ahead!!!


Mental Strategies - Part 5

Learn about the proper amount of anticipation to use

Mental Stratgies – Part VIII
Guess or Not to Guess?
     In table tennis, there are 2 aspects of anticipation.  The first is to have a reasonable guess as to where your opponent will hit the next ball.  The next aspect is watching his body position and racket angle and adjusting based on the direction of his swing.

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