Coach Samson Dubina US National Team Coach 4x USATT Coach of the Year

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Winning Deuce Games!

Learn the keys to making or breaking your next tournament

There are several keys that you must remember when playing deuce games. 
#1 The first key to remember is…   what you did right.  You have won 10 points during the game and you must have a clear memory as to which serves won the point outright and which serves setup your game best.  You also must have a clear memory about which locations worked best and what game patters worked best.

Winning At Deuce

Learn to play your strongest tactics

“If I could have won all the deuce games at the last tournament, I would be rated over 1400 now!”
“If my opponent hadn’t got 2 nets at deuce, I would have had the upset of my life.”
“If I could have won all the deuce games at the state championship, I would have won the title 4-0.”

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