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Here are the top 6 table tennis equipment questions


How Can I Make My Table Tennis Rubber Last Longer?

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We are thrilled to be opening the NEW Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy!  Until we open, we will be continuing our Monday classes and Thursday leagues at the Shaw JCC.  From May 2nd onward, we will be open Monday-Saturday at the new location.

From now through April 25th Shaw JCC 750 White Pond Dr. Akron, Ohio
Starting May 2nd NEW Samson Dubina TT Academy 2262 South Arlington Rd Akron, Ohio

Style/Equipment Changes

Think about it...

Style/Equipment Change
Changing your playing style or grip or equipment takes both effort and time.  You don’t want to change from penhold to shakehands and play a tournament the next week.  You don’t want to change from being a long-pips chopper to being a two-wing looper if you are playing league matches twice a week and tournaments monthly. 
However, now is the ideal time to change!

Nittaku Factive

nittaku factive
Best Beginner-Intermediate Rubber!

You have hundreds of different table tennis rubbers to choose from. Which should you choose? I recently chose Factive for my daughters, Fiona age 7 and Kenzie age 5. Why did I choose Factive, because it has thin sponge and good control while maintaining a decent amount of speed and spin. Since switching to Factive, they are playing significantly better.

Inspect Your Opponent's Racket

5 main tips!

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Here are the Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy, we have some of the best Christmas Gift Ideas!
Dec 22-24 Advanced Clinic
Dec 22-24 Foundational Clinic
Feb 10-11 Tactical Clinic
Feb 17-18 Major USATT Tournament


Preparing for Success

When playing at a local table tennis club, a player generally needs his racket and shoes.  However, there are some other items that he might want to include when traveling to a tournament.  Below is the list of items that I generally bring:
Spare racket – identical and assembled
Extra rubber
Video camera
Hand towel
Floor towel
Glue sponge applicator
USATT Membership Card
USATT Rule Book

Choosing a Beginner Racket

5 Things to Look For

Choosing a Beginner Racket
When choosing a beginner racket, there are several key elements to look for.
1. Surface
Choose a racket that has inverted rubber.  It should have sponge that is about 1.5 mm with a pips-in topsheet that is slightly grippy.
2. Speed
The speed should be medium-low to allow for best ball control and stroke development.
3. Weight
The weight should be fairly light, especially for juniors.
4. Approved
For tournament use, the rubber must say “ITTF Approved”. 
5. Type

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