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Serve Return

Learn to improve your short game




Serve return is a major problem for most table tennis athletes. That is the reason that I decided to post this short video clip! Check out this brand new clip from my DVD, International Table Tennis Skills!

You Can't Stop Him!

Learn how to deal with an aggressive opponent

Your opponent is attacking your short serve and you are frustrated that you can’t stop him from attacking your serve.
What should you do?
Well, you must realize that with modern equipment and modern strokes, he will likely be able to attack all of your serves, regardless of how spinny, how low, and how short you serve. 

Perfecting the Short Game

Learn the Details on How to Control the Game!

Perfecting the Short Game
     Mastering the strong short game is crucial at the intermediate to advanced level because it allows you to attack first, which gives a huge advantage during the point.  There are three primary ways to receive a short serve – short push, long push, and flip.  Each player has a preference with which they use more often, but it is vitally important to perfect all three so that you have more options.

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