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Blocking Footwork

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Crossover Step

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Training vs Warm-Up Article and Video

In table tennis, every drill should have a purpose. One distinction that needs to be made is the difference between training and warm-up. When you see professional players warming-up at tournaments, they might do some forehand, backhands, and a simple footwork drill. That might be about it at tournaments. However, their daily training routine might look drastically different. Here are a couple thoughts on this concept.

Ladder Drills

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Check out these ladder drills perfectly designed to improve your tt footwork....

80 MPH Forehand

Learn to put yourself in a difficult situation

Most of your practice time in table tennis should consist of doing game-situation drills. Game-like drills consist of a serve, return, and rally. HOWEVER, there are times during practice that you should put yourself in a bad situation to push yourself to the limit, to push yourself HARDER than you actually would go in a match.

Push the Limits!

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When doing drills with a training partner, choose drills that are game-like as well as drills that push your limits. If you are doing a basic backhand to backhand rally for one hour per day and averaging 50-100 balls each rally, then you probably aren’t pushing the limits.

Test Time

How much do you REALLY know about FOOTWORK?

During this 6-hour group session on footwork, each student will be responsible for taking notes.  At the end of the clinic, each player will be given this open-book test to see how much he remembers. 


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International Table Tennis Skills - DVD TRAILER:





During this 2 hour and 17 minute DVD you will learn the details of game strategy, anticipation, advanced strokes, footwork, serve, serve return, and much much more. This DVD is now available in North America and will soon be available in Europe and Asia.


International Table Tennis Skills

The exciting new DVD is now available...


The Drills - Part II

Read the details of advanced robot training!

In this blog posting, I’ll be detailing robot drills 11-20 and giving some tips on how to perfect your game using these drills.  Every robot comes with FREE lessons when purchased at
Drill #11


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