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Advice From Heather Dubina

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Seven Ways to Boost Your Immune System
By Heather Dubina
With the recent covid-19 virus and the subsequent stay at home orders across the country, you might be wanting to boost your immune system as you start to get back to your normal activities, including playing table tennis!
1. Get plenty of rest- resting helps your body fight off infections and helps your daily performance. Sleeping for 6-8 hours replenishes and strengthens your physical body and helps you think clearly.

Eating What?

Improving your game through the choices you make

Dear Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy Students...
This Christmas season, really consider the fact that what you eat has a huge impact on your feel for the day, on your immune system, on your overall health, on your tt game, and on your performance at the US Nationals in 2 weeks.  Here is an article that I want all of you to think about.
Coach Samson
Written by Health Freedom
Sugar's Effect on Your Immune System and How Fresh Foods Can Help

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