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Sign up NOW for the Ohio Mega Camp (July 18-21).  We are still accepting more players!
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July 18-21 Ohio Mega Camp
August 6-10 Ping Pong Campfor Kids

13 Stages

Develop a systematic approach to learning a new skill

A few years ago, I wrote this article.  During a skype lesson tonight, one of my students was asking me to re-post it!  I hope you enjoy re-reading it!  This systematic approach is helpful for players of all ages and levels.  As you begin your journey, think about these 13 stages...
13 Stages!
"I'm so dumb!"
"I'm a loser!"
"Why can't I just do it?"

Weekly Schedule! Check it out!

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Tournaments, Clinics, and Leagues

Tournaments and Clinics

Join the action happening here in Akron, Ohio!

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Ohio League
Join players from Akron, Canton, Columbus, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland for weekly competition!!!
Indiana Weekend Clinic
Ohio Weekend Clinic

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