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A Letter From the Instructor

Read some info regarding the ITTF Training Course coming to Ohio!

Hello to all Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy Members,
The Academy is hosting an ITTF-PPT Level 1 Coaching Course from July 28 through August 1st.  The Course will be held at the The House of the Lord Gymnasium  -  1650 Diagonal Rd Akron, Ohio.
There will be 30 hours of instruction given over 5 days with two sessions planned each day, 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm. 
Course Conductor:

The Details of SPIN

By Coach Richard McAfee

The defining element of the sport of Table Tennis is spin.  Understanding the types of spin that can be applied to a table tennis ball for any given stroke is imperative for any table tennis athlete wishing to play at a high level. 
How many spins can you name?


By Coach Richard McAfee

This article deals with some of the basic Biomechanics involved with a Table Tennis Stroke.  It breaks down the stroke into three components. 
1.      Backswing
2.      Contact with ball
3.      Follow-through
The Role of the Backswing
Key elements for timing and power production.

Effective Stroke Practice

Learn what you should be practicing!

Written By Professional Coach Richard McAfee
I often see players spending large amounts of practice time working on a single stroke that they wish to improve.  Most often this involves hours of executing the stroke over and over and in conjunction with simple footwork drills.  After all this work, the athlete is often disappointed to find that during competition that the same well-practiced stroke breaks down.  Why does this happen, because the practice they have been doing does little to link the stroke to the rest of the player’s game.

Modern Table Tennis Styles

Written By ITTF Coach Richard McAfee

Modern Table Tennis Styles
By Richard McAfee
USATT Certified National Coach

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