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OLD Samson Dubina TT Academy

Check out the 2 videos of Sarah Jalli

In just a few short weeks, we will be done with training in Samson's basement and completely moved in to the NEW Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy! Join us this year for some excellent tournaments and summer camps for all ages and levels!!!

Amazing Roller That DIDN'T Go Around the Net

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National Champion

Sarah Jalli

Three months ago, Sarah Jalli was crowned champion of the US Open in Las Vegas for the u11 girls' event! Just after turning 12, she entered the US National Ranking Tournament in Davie, Florida (March 29-April 1). Each player was allowed to enter up to 2 of the events - u12, u13, u15, or u18. Sarah chose to skip the u12 and enter the u13 and u15. First, she played the u15 and finished #10 in the US... not bad. Then she began dominating the u13 with 8 consecutive wins against girls from across the nation. If she finished 1st or 2nd, she would make the US National Team.

US National Ranking Tournament (Ohio)

Ohio is moving up...

Sarah Jalli USA #11
Seth Pech USA #11
Samson Dubina USA #9

Looping Flips

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Sarah Jalli Training Video

#1 in the USA

Coaching Kids!

Serious? Fun? Both?

When coaching 5-6 year old kids, about 50% of your time should be on fun drills and 50% of your time should be on structured training.

When coaching more serious players, about 5% of your time should be on fun drill and 95% of your time should be on structured training.
Unless they are developing bad habits, fun drills can also be a means of improvement by adding more dexterity and more concentration!

Meet Sarah Jalli

Rising Star

Breaking 2000

Sarah Jalli - Perfecting Her Game

Previous Rating 426
Current Rating 2095 in only 2 years (March 1st 2015 – March 1st 2017) 
Is that significant?  Not to her.  You see, Sarah Jalli has her sights set much higher than a number on the USATT website.  Because of her dedication to improvement, her understanding that every win and loss is a learning experience, that every practice counts, and that it isn’t just about hitting a ball…   all of these factors combined make Sarah Jalli a great player.  There are 4 keys that I want to highlight for you…

More Videos

Singles and Doubles

Check out the tournament action from last week.
Here are 2 new videos!!!!

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