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More Spin

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More Spin
What is the main difference between ping pong and table tennis?
The main difference is the amount of spin produced.  With the right strokes and modern equipment, an elite table tennis player can produce 8000 rpms.  With a purple ping pong paddle from Wal-Mart, your Uncle Bill probably can’t produce any spin.
The Benefits

Friction Videos!

Watch the videos and learn about SPIN!!!





Friction - Part I

Friction - Part II





Lateral vs Deviation

Learn about various sidespin serves

Spin Videos

Check them out!

Most of the questions that I receive are about spin - importance of spin, types of spin, how to read spin, how to generate spin, how to generate more spin, etc...
Today, I wanted to share some of my best videos on spin. Check them out!

Importance of Spin!

Learn to Boost Your Level With Mega Spin

Producing more spin is important for several reasons…
1. More spin will give you more ball control when pushing allowing you to keep your pushes shorter and sharper.
2. More spin will allow you to hit stronger loops even from a lower position.
3. More spin will allow you to hit more consistent smashes against a variety of lobbing types.
4. More spin will allow you to widen the court with angled curving serves, pushes, lobs, and loops.
5. More spin will allow you to more easily trick your opponent with varying the type and amount of spin.

Can you SEE the spin?

Check out this BRAND NEW video!

Spin Question

< 1% of American TT Players Can Answer This Question

Spin & Smash

Brand New Club in Columbus Ohio!

I'm very excited for the new Spin & Smash club opening in Columbus Ohio on Monday, April 17th.  This full time facility features coaching, classes, open club play, Saturday night social club with live music, and a pro shop selling Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy products as well as a full array of other top equipment.  If you live in Ohio or are just passing through, check out the action in Columbus!


Heather & Samson Demo TT Spin

You Need More Spin

Learn the Necessities of Maximizing Your Spin!

Modern table tennis is predominantly characterized by looping – looping backspin balls, looping topspin balls, looping serves, looping over-the-table, looping blocks, and re-looping loops.  The Chinese national team did a study on various loops.  The study showed that the spiniest loop against backspin tested had about 120 rotations per second.  The spiniest loop against topspin tested had about 130 rotations per second.  


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