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Spin Videos

Check them out!

Most of the questions that I receive are about spin - importance of spin, types of spin, how to read spin, how to generate spin, how to generate more spin, etc...
Today, I wanted to share some of my best videos on spin. Check them out!

Serve & Return

Improve both your serve and serve return!

The #1 topic in table tennis is serve & return. This week, I decided to feature some of my videos. Regardless if you are developing a new serve or just perfecting an old favorite, I would highly recommend that you take a minute and check out these videos...

U Serves / V Serves

Serving Types
Check out the difference!!!

Friction - Part II

Watch the video and learn about SPIN!!!





Check out this new video where Heather and I teach you about table tennis friction.
(If you missed Part I, I would recommend watching that video first)
Friction - Part II





Friction - Part I


Heather & Samson Demo TT Spin
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