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Diary of a 10-Year-Old (Part II)

By Sarah Jalli

It is a great experience to be at the 2016 Womens World Cup. I arrived on Friday and watched a few group matches. Here are a few things that I learned from watching the group matches. 
1. Most of the players's serves are half long and short.
2. Most of the players used their surprise serve at key points. Their surpise serves were often long and fast with some variation of spin.

Diary of a 10-Year-Old

By Sarah Jalli

Diary of the 10-Year-Old
Women’s World Cup
Philadelphia, PA October 7-9, 2016
Part 1
Why I’m going to the World Cup?
I am going to the World Cup because I think I will be inspired by watching the world class players play. I also think it will affect my game highly after I implement the things that I saw.
Who I’m looking to watch?

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