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For Sale $4900

Toyota Camry ONLY $4900


Tables, Barriers, and Flooring For Sale

Extreme Discounts

Yes, the Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy is now closed.  We have deep discounts on rubberized flooring, tables, and other items.
To make purchases, e-mail
Enlio Flooring
MSRP $5/sq ft 
Now only $1/sq ft
Olympic Quality
Shipping not available - Pick up only
We have 5000 Sq Ft Left for Sale
FREE Installation Available (e-mail me for details)
1 Nittaku Table

NEW YouTube Channel

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Yes, we now have a brand new YOUTUBE CHANNEL that will be featuring new training videos, training tips, training tactics, demonstrations, and more!  Subscribe NOW so that you don't miss out on any of the upcoming action!

Power Pong Alpha Plus (On Sale)

Most Affordable Robot!


Fall in Love with Your Backup Racket

Prepare for disaster...

Disaster might strike at your next tournament…
You might accidentally drop your racket and break it during a match.
You might accidentally damage your rubber on the corner of the table.
You might have rubber that is somehow illegal.
Your racket might get stolen.
Unfortunately, there are problems that arise.  Fortunately, most players are prepared enough to have a backup racket; HOWEVER, most player don’t like their backup racket as much as their first racket.  Many players have backup rackets that are different from their primary racket.

3 Backhand Tips

With the Power Pong Omega



5 Robot Reasons

Check it out!

Power Pong Robot Training
By Samson Dubina
There are dozens of reasons that I love robot training.  Today, I’m going to list 5 of the primary reasons that I feel Power Pong Robot training can help YOU!


Here are the top 6 table tennis equipment questions


Choosing a Blade!!!

acoustic carbon
Search by looking at 8 different criteria...

Pandemic Robot Training

What are YOU doing to improve?


Power Pong Omega (SAVE $450)


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