Coach Samson Dubina US National Team Coach 4x USATT Coach of the Year

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Fall in Love with Your Backup Racket

Prepare for disaster...

Disaster might strike at your next tournament…
You might accidentally drop your racket and break it during a match.
You might accidentally damage your rubber on the corner of the table.
You might have rubber that is somehow illegal.
Your racket might get stolen.
Unfortunately, there are problems that arise.  Fortunately, most players are prepared enough to have a backup racket; HOWEVER, most player don’t like their backup racket as much as their first racket.  Many players have backup rackets that are different from their primary racket.
I recommend having a backup racket that is identical in every aspect – including age of the blade and age of the rubber.  Practice with both your primary racket and your backup racket prior to your next tournament.  Make sure that both rackets are exactly identical in every aspect.  Fall in love your with backup racket.  When disaster strikes and you cannot use your primary racket, pull out your backup (with a smile) and keep your focus on your performance.