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Table Tennis Breakfast

Discover Samson's Favorite Training/Tournament Food

From Asia to Africa to Europe and even to the USA, there are thousands of professional table tennis athletes who are aspiring to be the next World Champion. One of the key elements to reaching the top is consistent training six hours per day. Most top players wake up, eat breakfast, train three hours, eat lunch, rest, then train three more hours in the late afternoon. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day to fuel an intense early morning session.
Here is the secret recipe for my power-packed breakfast.
For one serving:

Right Footed?

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Right Footed?

Just like some players are right handed and some are left handed… in the same way, some players are right footed and others left footed and they don’t even realize it! Without knowing it, one of former US Olympians had a very severe problem with it (being very much right footed). If he had a problem, you too could have the same issue.

So how do you strengthen the weaker leg?

Table Tennis Nutrition

Learn How to Boost Your Level With FOOD!

As a table tennis coach, I receive hundreds of questions regarding a variety of topics including physical fitness, sports psychology, nutrition, and many other things.  In this blog, I’m going to briefly mention some basic nutrition rules that I have learned and try diligently to practice and encourage my students to practice as well.
Rule #1   Diets Don’t Work

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TT Nutrition

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Emma White asked me to post this table tennis nutrition article on my website!
I highly recommend it!

Back Injuries

Read 7 Ways to Keep Your Back in Top Shape

During the last 10 years, I have really struggled with back injuries, even to the point of being bedridden.  Today, I would like to make a few suggestions to you, so that you can avoid hindering your tt game with back problems.
1. Stay Active

Table Tennis Wrist Training

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Eating What?

Improving your game through the choices you make

Dear Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy Students...
This Christmas season, really consider the fact that what you eat has a huge impact on your feel for the day, on your immune system, on your overall health, on your tt game, and on your performance at the US Nationals in 2 weeks.  Here is an article that I want all of you to think about.
Coach Samson
Written by Health Freedom
Sugar's Effect on Your Immune System and How Fresh Foods Can Help

Improve While Sleeping!

Learn to Balance-Out Your Body

Did you know that you can improve your forehand while sleeping?
Most table tennis players are very one-sided.  From the constant body rotation with their forehand loops, most players have very flexible cores when rotating to the right (for right handed players).  However, these same players are not very flexible when rotating to the left.  This is one of the reasons that many elite table tennis athletes have to constantly battle against lower back pain.

Core Muscles

Learn 6 keys to training!

Studies of have shown that the discs in your spine are swollen up to twice the normal size when you first wake up in the morning.  With light activity, the swelling reduces after about 2 hours.  Before you set your alarm clock next Saturday morning before that tournament, consider adding those 2 hours to help your back reach its peak potential:
Wake up at 6am
Light walk, breakfast, stretching, light jog 6am-8am
Start practice on the table 8am
First tournament match 9am


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