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Right Footed?

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Right Footed?

Just like some players are right handed and some are left handed… in the same way, some players are right footed and others left footed and they don’t even realize it! Without knowing it, one of former US Olympians had a very severe problem with it (being very much right footed). If he had a problem, you too could have the same issue.

So how do you strengthen the weaker leg?

You strengthen it by working each leg separately. I personally like to do 1-foot hops up the stairs and 1-leg squats. But for starters, here is a good exercise that is slightly less stress on the body but still provides both strength, speed, and balance for the weak leg. Put 4 pieces of tape on the floor and just randomly from piece to piece while being detailed enough not to step in the middle, but to hit the tape every time:

This exercise is really fun and provides the needed strength, speed, and balance that you need to take your game to the next level! Remember, always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program!