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USATT Record

25 Match in 1 Day!

The Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy would like to congradulate 44-year-old Alper Sezer for setting a new USATT record!
During the Newgy Ohio Labor Day Open on September 3rd, Alper played 25 Tournament Matches in a single day!  So how did he do it?
u1800 Giant Round Robin (6 matches)
u1800 quarters, semis, finals (3 matches)
u1700 Giant Round Robin (6 matches)
u1700 quarters, semis, finals (3 matches)
u2000 Giant Round Robin (6 matches)
u2000 quarterfinals (1 match)
He began the day at 9am and finished 13 hours later at 10pm averaging 2 matches per hour for the entire day.  
Our next major tournament is scheduled for March, 2017.  Come check it out and see if the ironman can break his record!