Coach Samson Dubina US National Team Coach 4x USATT Coach of the Year

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Lessons with Chance Friend

Jul 17, 2023 (All day) to Jan 1, 2024 (All day)
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Phone 214-215-1468

Address: 326 19th Street NW Canton, Ohio 44709


All the Lessons will be at the address listed above.

Phone 214-215-1468


Address: 326 19th Street NW Canton, Ohio 44709

All the Lessons will be at the address listed above.


Info About Coach Chance Friend
-Written by Samson Dubina

Yes, the Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy closed in July 2023.  However, Coach Chance Friend still lives here in the area and is offering in-person lessons at his house!  Today, I want to tell you a little about Chance and why you should e-mail him today to sign up for a lesson.

Knowledge of the Game
25,000 hours!
Yes, combined with training and coaching, Chance has played over 25,000 of table tennis putting him near the top in the country for most-number of hours on the table.  When he isn't playing, he spends thousands of additional hours studying the world's best players to learn new techniques and strategies among the world's best.  His knowledge of the game is near the top of any coach nationwide.

Personalized for You
He has a deep understanding of balance, positioning, timing, action (dwell time), probabilities, indicators, fitness, match tactics, and everything else...  What good is that to you?  Well, everything Chance does in a lesson is personalized.  He has taken two decades of knowledge and will package it to meet your needs, your playing style, and ultimately will help you accomplish your goals.  

Relatable to You
Unlike most 2550 players, Chance didn't start off playing as a little kid with a pro coach and pro training everyday.  He started at 12 years old.  In fact, for a while, he was the worst, absolute worst player at the local club.  During the next 7 years, he played with everyone - other kids, seniors, long pips blockers, everyone who stepped up the table.  Why is this important?  Because even now, Chance is relatable to the "average Joe" - the average ping pong player who steps up to the table with blue jeans and a walmart paddle.  No matter if you are a kid or adult, rec player or professional, Chance will coach at your level and help you improve your skills; he is relatable to you.

Flexible for Your Schedule
The lessons at his house are flexible to your schedule.  He usually coaches from about 10am-10pm Monday-Saturday at his house.  He has a nice setup with Enlio Flooring, Stiga table, LED lights, and Nittaku balls.  You can check out his online calendar and book as many lessons as you want.  Discounts!  Yes, if you take multiple lessons in a month, the price goes down.  Why?  Because all the info that you learn is accumulative.  The more lessons you take, the more everything makes sense.  I would suggest try to take 1-2 lessons each week for maximum improvement.

Long-Term Improvement
Chance is genuinely interested in seeing long-term improvement.  The results from his students prove that he has the ability to coach anyone at any level.  Reach out to him today, share your goals, share your commitment level and he will be glad to put together a training plan to help you achieve your 2024 goals!

My Testimony
I have been a full-time coach for the last 16 years.  I have worked with dozens and dozens of coaches from across the globe.  When we opened the Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy in 2019, Chance was my first pick to hire as a coach.  Why?  Because of what I have listed above - he is so knowledgeable, he is very relatable, he has the skills to help anyone improve, and he has proven coaching results.  We are all very happy to have him here in Ohio coaching.  Today, I would encourage you to take advantage of this amazing opportunity and sign up for lessons this month.

Pro Player / Pro Coach Chance Friend

Athete - 4x NCTTA Team Champion

Athlete - Semifinalist Men's Singles National Championships

Coach - Assistant Coach for the Saarland Regional Junior Team in Germany

Coach - Full Time Coach at the Samson Dubina TT Academy for the last 4 years

1-5 hours in a month is $70/hour

6-10 hours in a month is $60/hour

11+ hours in a month is $50/hour

All pre-pay lessons are non-refundable, non-transferrable, and non-reschedulable.

"Keep in mind, that you aren't paying for the time, you are paying for the information! The personalized information that Chance can give you in a few short lessons would take years to develop on your own! If you are serious about improving and want you game to progress, I would recommend scheduling a lesson asap!" -Samson Dubina

Canton, Ohio