Coach Samson Dubina US National Team Coach 4x USATT Coach of the Year

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The Comeback Artist

Written by Coach Seth Pech

I remember when I was younger I always wanted to have those dramatic come from behind wins just like the movies. There I was down 10 to 6, here’s my chance COME ON FIGHT! I would lose 11-6. I started to think maybe I didn’t have the ability to have come from behind wins, maybe they were reserved for special people with special powers! I thought this way until I was watching a football game between the Patriots and the Saints in 2013. The Patriots were down by 4 and needed a touchdown to win. They had 2 min on the clock. Tom Brady their quarterback is on the sideline getting super pumped up saying things like “This is going to be a great comeback!” and “LET’S GO!” The Patriots got the ball back with 2 min left, Tom Brady passes a long one down the field. It’s intercepted! Tom Brady very upset and thinking “That was it I blew the game!” he goes to the bench and sits down. The Patriots defense somehow manages to get the ball back and Tom Brady has one more chance! With only one minute on the clock he runs out to the huddle. He says to his team in a more reserved voice “Let’s show some toughness, toughness is going to make some plays.”
They went on to win the game with a last second touchdown pass. It was at this moment I learned what it takes to be a come from behind winner. Tom Brady made the same mistake as me! He got all dramatic, saying things like “ITS GOING TO BE A GREAT COMBACK!” The second time his mentality changed completely, he wasn’t talking about and amazing comeback or winning the game, he was talking about staying tough and giving it their best. He was realistic about the situation and wasn’t going to try fooling himself. Since learning this I have been able to make some incredible comebacks, I don’t always comeback but it happens a lot more often!

Here is the clip of Tom Brady and what he says in the huddle to the team, notice how he doesn’t talk about getting the touchdown and winning, he talks about making plays and giving their best. This is how a comeback is made. Tom Brady huddle talk and final drive to win

Here is Landers performing a 5 point comeback during the 2012 Olympic trials against Canada. Look how he doesn’t get all pumped up and crazy. He knows he will probably lose this game yet he stays calm and gives it his best and it worked out for him. Landers comeback against Pierre-Luc Hinse