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Mental Strategies - Part 17

By Coach Carl Hardin

Principle #1 your mind can only concentrate on one thing at a time.
 (Action Statement for principle #1) I take control of what I picture, choosing to think about what I want to create in my life.
Principle #2 what you say is not important. What you cause yourself or others to picture is crucial.
(Action Statement for principle #2) I always give myself commands in a positive way. I remind myself that what others are picturing, as a result of hearing me speak, is crucial to proper understanding.
Principle #3 the Subconscious Mind is the source of all mental power.
      (Action Statement for principle #3).I am so well trained that all of my performance is subconsciously done.
Principle #4 the Subconscious Mind moves you to do whatever the Conscious Mind is picturing.
      (Action Statement for principle #4) I realize that my Subconscious mind is moving me to perform what I am consciously picturing. I control what I picture and picture only what I want to see happen.
Principle #5 Self-Image and performance are always equal. To change your performance, you must first change your Self-Image.
      (Action Statement for principle#5) I am aware that my performance and Self-Image are equal. I am eager to change my habits and attitude to increase my performance.
Principle #6 you can replace the Self-Image you have with the Self-Image you want, thereby permanently changing performance! Nothing is going to change until you change yourself first.
      (Action Statement for principle #6) I am responsible for changing my Self-Image. I choose the habits and attitudes I want and cause my Self-Image to change accordingly.
Principle #7 the principle of balance: When the Conscious, Sub-Conscious and Self-Image are all balanced and working together good performance is easy.
      (Action Statement for principle #7) I cause my Conscious, Subconscious and Self-Image to move towards being in balance, therefore increasing my performance without frustration.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
The only thing that separates winners from losers is the way they think. Winners are convinced they will finish first, other hope to finish first.