Coach Samson Dubina US National Team Coach 4x USATT Coach of the Year

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My Mistake

Read about my worst loss this year

This year, I had one of my most devastating losses…
     I was playing at the 2013 US National Team Trials against 2x Olympian Khoa Nguyen.  I won the first 11-6.  I won the second 11-5.  I was winning 10-4 in the third game (best 4 out of 7 match) and lost that game and the match.  What went wrong…
      I had somewhat of an inner proud attitude.  I was thinking, “Wow, can you believe that I’m destroying this guy so badly.”  I lost 2-3 points before I really began to focus at 10-7.  When he starting making the comeback, he raised his level and began making shots that he hadn’t previously made.
     After I lost that game, I still wasn’t worried and expected him to play as he had in the first 2 games.  He played very well.  I didn’t adjust my strategy and ended up losing the match.  Had I won that match, I would have been on the 2013 US National Team.  Here is some advice that I can offer…
1. Respect your opponent
2. Don’t be amazed by your playing
3. Be willing to adjust your strategy from point to point
4. Focus on the game – not on the score
5. Don’t expect your opponent to play the same style and level throughout the entire match