Coach Samson Dubina US National Team Coach 4x USATT Coach of the Year

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My life

Take the 10-Question Quiz

How well do you know me?
Take the 10 question quiz!
1.      From age 8-15, what sport did I play nearly every day?
A.     Tennis
B.     Pickleball
C.     Volleyball
2.      How old was I when I started a bicycle business and sold 1000 bikes?
A.     8
B.     11
C.     14
3.      The only bone that I ever broke was my sternum.  How did it happen?
A.     Car accident
B.     Skiing accident
C.     Rolling out-of-bed
4.      What is my favorite way to travel?
A.     Drive
B.     Fly
C.     Hitchhike
5.      Where did I meet my lovely wife?
A.     At the Cheesecake Factory
B.     On a bus
C.     At a wedding
6.      How many children do we have?
A.     2
B.     4
C.     6
7.      I was born in Ohio and lived there for the first 21 years of my life.  After that, what other country did I previously live?
A.     Japan
B.     Mexico
C.     Canada
8.      What is my favorite book of the Bible?
A.     Genesis
B.     Psalms
C.     John
9.      I once was close to going to jail.  What was the reason?
A.     For playing ping pong
B.     For ramping my bike over a police car
C.     For eating too many hotdogs
10.   Where is my favorite scenic location?
A.     Big Sur, California
B.     Vancouver, British Columbia
C.     Frankfurt, Germany
If you scored 8-10 correctly, then you are probably a relative, close friend, or one of my table tennis students.
If you scored 4-7 correctly, then we should get to know each other.  Please consider attending our Dec 11-12 tournament here in Ohio or consider attending one of our weekly group classes.
If you scored 0-3 correctly, then you are a bad guesser.