Coach Samson Dubina US National Team Coach 4x USATT Coach of the Year

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Ohio Circuit

Any level player can earn CASH from participating in Ohio Circuit Tournaments!

2014 Ohio Table Tennis Circuit is for players from any state or country for four tournaments located in Ohio: (1) Arnold 
Table Tennis Challenge; Columbus, OH, March 1-2; (2) Akron Open; Akron, OH, March 21-22; (3) Cincinnati Open; Cincinnati, 
OH May 9-10; and (4) Newgy Open, Akron, OH, September 26-27. See Circuit Rules below. 
Circuit Rules: 
Division 1 is for USATT rating 2000 and above as of March 1 
Division 2 is for USATT rating 1999 and below as of March 1 
Division 3 is for 18 years old or younger as of January 1 
Earn points by entering the tournaments, entering additional events in the tournaments, placing 1st or 2nd in any event and 
placing in the semis in Open Singles divisions according to the following schedule: 
a. Enter one event in any of the Circuit tournaments to receive 5 points 
b. Enter additional events in any of the Circuit tournaments to receive 1 point for each additional event 
c. Win any USATT event in any Circuit tournament to receive 5 points 
d. Place second in any USATT event in any Circuit tournament to receive 4 points 
e. Place in the Semis in any USATT Open Singles event in any Circuit tournament to receive 2 points. 
Cash Prizes and Awards of $200 total for each division paid for 1st and 2nd at the conclusion of the Circuit, which is in 
September at the Newgy Open in Akron, OH on September 26-27, 2014. 
Anyone can win regardless of the rating. There is no playoff at the end of the circuit. 
A sample points total for a 1450 rated player may look like this: 
 Enters 3 of the 4 tournaments: 15 points 
 Enters 3 additional events in each of the 3 tournaments: 9 points 
 Wins 1 event: 5 points 
 Second in 1 event: 4 points 
 Circuit Point Total: 33 points 
Circuit Questions: or 1.815.262.1868