Coach Samson Dubina US National Team Coach 4x USATT Coach of the Year

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Olympic Trials

Read an update for fans, friends, and family

Dear Table Tennis Community,
I might not be the best table tennis player in the US, but I definitely have the most support!
With months and months of very hard practice throughout the US from coast to coast, I can honestly say that I worked very hard to make the Olympic team through all aspects of the sport. However, I was eliminated today in the 3rd round of the second qualifier today. Because of my work, my attitude, and my effort, I'm not ashamed of losing. My opponent played better that match and won. I'll likely give further details of the match in a later update. But for now, I just want to say - THANK YOU! I gave it great effort and I thank you for the part that you took in helping me progress my game.

So what is the next step for me?
As the Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy continues to grow throughout 2016, we plan to continue making major improvements including a larger facility, daily group classes, weekly leagues, and 4-star tournaments on a regular basis. As the academy continues to grow, we will also be hiring several 2500-rated coaches to assist with the private lessons and group lessons. Within several years, Ohio will likely have one of the most elite training centers in the US. For coaching, promoting the sport, and competing, I must say...
My best years are yet to come! 
I'm far from retiring!
I would like to send a special thank you to each of you who have supported my journey this year! THANK YOU to Paddle Palace, Newgy Robo-Pong, Nittaku, Bridgestone, ClearChoice Custom Lasik Center, Wil-Cut Engineered Abrasive Solutions, Canton Table Tennis Club, Feather Crafts 'N' Things, CLJ Studios, Gary Howes, Ralph Ubry, Cynthia Trykall, Fernando Itskowich, Dick Bennett, Cathy Steel, Roger Dickson, Mary Marzano, Marco Borillo, Dave Fullen, Barry Carlin, Mike Wilke, Sam and Nancy Dubina, Vinay Chandra, Wright Family, Barbara Wurster, JinJun Bao, Yijing Chen, Steve Miller, Joe Newgarden, Nelson Nsieh, Ed and Peg Zigler, Ganesan Mani, Kevin Swan, Mike Simpson, Dave Diehl, Don Diehl, Tina Lin, Larry Lotzenheizer, Sudhakar Jalli, Philip Wu, Ying-bei Wang, Ed Zadrozny, Mirza Ahmed, Joe Ciarrochi, Blake Cottrell, Aydin Aykanat, Shelton Ranasinghe, Morgan Tang, and Nathen Eldridge!!!!!!