Coach Samson Dubina US National Team Coach 4x USATT Coach of the Year

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For Sale


Want more information?
Jeff Bury - Sunbelt Business Brokers
Phone:  330-268-4146
Official Listing: Sunbelt Website - SDTTA
Contact Jeff to discuss details and get copies of the P & Ls.
Samson Dubina - Owner
Phone:  330-949-9230
Contact Samson to discuss details and see the business plan.
Hi Friends!

In April 2019, the Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy officially opened here in Akron, Ohio - 15,000 sq ft of table tennis amazingness located right off highway 77.  During the last 4 years, we have had tremendous results taking a player from 0-2000 in 1 year, getting many recreational players up to 1200, 1600, 2000 level, creating a family friendly environment, getting fit, creating many memories, and have many amazing national and international results!  We are currently the only full-time professional training center in the US offering daily advanced group training where an elite group of athletes is training together as a team!

Sad News
The sad reality is that due to inflation and other factors, we can't sustain what we are currently doing!  At the end of June 2023, the Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy will be sold.

The board of directors have officially voted to convert the 501 C-3 "not for profit" to an LLC "for Profit".  Once the conversion is complete, the Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy LLC will officially be for sale.  The sale of the assets includes everything - office, pro shop, 30 ITTF Nittaku tables, 11,000 sq foot of Enlio flooring, barriers, uniforms, products, full-inventory, TV, fitness equipment, highway sign, company car, and more.  Yes, Samson Dubina, Jeff Yamada, and Chance Friend all plan to tentatively stay and continue working for the new owner starting July 1, 2023.

Join us!
Yes, in April, May, and June 2023, we have very very strong classes, leagues, tournaments, and camps!  The BEST THING ever would be for you to join us!  If you want to join our daily training program, send me an e-mail!  If you want to sign up for a camp or tournament, click the links below:
Upcoming Tournaments
May 13 - Paddle Palace Ohio Tournament
June 17 - Nittaku Ohio Open Tournament
Upcoming Summer Camps
June 12-16 International Camp 1 (All ages/All levels)
June 19-23 International Camp 2 (All ages/All levels)

Potential Buyers?
Contact me asap!  If you want to know the asking price and what is included in the asset sale, go ahead and contact me.  Also, Sunbelt Business Brokers will have it officially listed on their website soon.  If you want detailed info like P & Ls, then contact the business broker, sign the papers, and he will share the info with you.

Stronger Together
I'm convinced that someone will likely purchase the assets, continue to invest into the TT community, build the academy stronger, and the training will be better than ever by this fall!  Why?  Because we are the only place in the US offering full-time professional training!  I have been in TT for 27 years and many many table tennis enthusiasts nation-wide have dreamed of having great daily training here in the US!  I'm convinced that someone will purchase the assets and grow it stronger!

Current Members
Yes, current members will likely have options to transfer the membership to the academy (under new ownership) after it is purchased, receive a refund from the remaining months of the membership, or get a credit for future lessons with Samson, Jeff, or Chance.  No one will be cheated out of their money.  Everyone will get the full value or refunded.

Please pray that God would work in the heart of one person that can purchase and support the academy!  Also, pray for the overall direction of the academy!  Right now, it is a very family-friendly place with awesome teamwork, great attitudes, and overall a great vibe in daily activity, camps, tournaments, and more!

Yes, I will keep you updated!  We are on a short timeline.  The business needs to be sold by June 23, 2023.  Thanks again for your support!