Coach Samson Dubina US National Team Coach 4x USATT Coach of the Year

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Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy

Read about some new coaching policies

There are a few updates that I would like to share...
Update #1 Credit card, debit card, paypal, cash, check, and money orders are now all accepted with no additional fees for private lessons, group lessons, robot sales, clinics, and tournaments.  You can now pay online, over the phone, or in person.
Update #2 For those students who are paying monthly, they will receive $10 discount per session on group lessons.  For a Friday-Saturday group lesson (3 sessions) each monthy paying student receives a $30 discount if participating in all the sessions.
Update #3 Instead of skype lessons, facetime lesson are now available at no extra charge.  The benefits include better picture and sound quality.
Update #4 For those student who are paying monthly, there are now no refunds.  In order to keep my rates as low as possible, there will be no refunds for canceled lessons.  If a student cannot attend a lesson, the student has the option to take a skype lesson (during the same timeslot) or send a friend or family member to take the lesson (during the same timeslot).
Here are my current rates for pay as you go, pre-pay, skype lessons, and group lessons:
Pay as you go:
$35/30min      $65/1hour    $125/2hours
$25/30min    $45/1hour    $85/2hours
$30/30min    $55/1hour    $160/4hours pre-paid
Group Lessons:
$15/1hour per person
Pay as you go lesson are generally scheduled 4-6 weeks in advance.  If you want to schedule a private lesson, please e-mail me at  Pre-pay lessons are generally scheduled every week at the same time (Monday 8-9pm for example...   or Tuesday 6-7pm for example).  Pre-pay lessons need to be paid in full at the beginning of each month and are non-refundable.  The next group session is scheduled for Fri-Sat August 22-23.
Thanks for supporting table tennis in Ohio.  With your help and support we can continue growing the sport here through private lessons, clinics, tournaments, and other events.  We plan to open a 20,000 sq ft full-time facility in 2016 with a staff of 4-5 coaches.  Details will be posted here on the website.