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World Class Player Coming to Ohio!

Wang Zhen (rated 2815) just confirmed his entry to the Newgy Akron Open!

Wang Zhen just finished competing in the ITTF Grand Finals!  Ranked #65 in the world, he is wrapping up his world tour.  As he travels back to North America, he will stop in Ohio to compete in the Newgy Akron Open.  Please plan to attend!
If you have never attended one of our is some info that you might want to know...
Starting in 2013, we now have a new tournament format – round robin groups of 8 players with the top 4 advancing from every group.  Below, I’m going to show you the major differences between traditional tournaments and our tournaments…
Traditional Format #1
Mini-groups of 4 players with 1 player advancing.  Each player gets about 3 matches, but usually has only 1 significant match.  After player A and C finish their match, player C usually has no chance to advance.  After player B and D finish their match, player D usually has no chance to advance.  So, after the first match, ½ of the players are a bit depressed and realize that they probably can’t advance.
Traditional Format #2
Mega-groups of 8-10 players with no-one advancing.  In this tournament, players are not able to choose which events to play.  Tournament players have different expectation.  Some want to “win” an event.  So want to play higher-rated-players.  After the first few matches, the losers realize that they can’t win and some players just give-up or default.
Our New Format
This new format allows the player to choose what division he want to play.  If he wants to win a lower event, he can play a giant round robin in his division.  If he wants to play many elite players, he is allowed to play in the open or another high event.  Out of the 8 players, the low players are excited to play many high-rated-opponents.  The middle to upper players all have a good chance to advance.  After the round robin group, each player starts with a clean slate in the crossover matches.
Our tournaments have been a huge success and we typically have about twice as many participants as other events in Ohio.  Our next tournaments are scheduled for March 21-22 in Akron and May 9-10 in Cincinnati.  We hope to see you soon!!!
Watch the promo video!!!