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The Order of Success

Learn the important aspects of improving your strokes!

The students that I’m currently coaching range from about 100-2200 USATT rating.  For each of these students they are at a different learning stage.  In this blog posting, I will be giving the progressive order of the strokes and the order in which they should be learned.  If you are having trouble with one of the strokes listed below, see if you have perfected these items in order of priority.  Note: You might have missed one of the important aspects! J
1. Ball control
2. Spin
3. Height
4. Depth
5. Placement

Problems, Trials, and Tribulations

Read a Bible passage that likely relates to you right now...




USATT Article + Video

Learn various training methods to boost your level



In table tennis, there are ten common training methods – drilling with a training partner, serving practice, robot training, multiball training, practice matches against a variety of opponents, video analysis of your own game, video analysis of top players, physical training, mental training, and tournaments on a regular basis.  I will talk briefly about the first four and then show you a short video demonstrating each of those elements of training.

ITTF Trick Shot!!!

Can you play with 3 balls at the same time?

I have submitted my entry for the 2014 ITTF Trick Shot competition.

Hesam Hamrahian

News Update about Ohio's #2 ranked player


Growing and Expanding

Congrats to your accomplishments and moving forward in the future!

The Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy has been growing and expanding lately.  With 28 students taking private lessons and many students taking group lessons, we plan to purchase a very large building in 2016 to host junior programs, private lessons, leagues, and tournaments.  We would like to send out a congrats message to some recent accomplishments this year!
Blake Cottrell - State Senior Olympic Singles and Doubles Gold Medalist
Hesam Hamrahian - US Open u2250 semifinalist and US Open u2400 quarterfinalist

Press Release

Read the local media press release for the Sep 26-27 tournament

On September 26-27, the 8th Newgy Akron Open Table Tennis Tournament will be at a new location this year.  Walsh University's main gymnasium will host the 150-player 30-table event featuring the nations top athletes from 8 different states aiming to take home the title and a portion of the $3000 cash prizes.

I'm Changing

Read about my new coaching style

Table Tennis is changing.  And as it is changing with new rules, new ball, etc...  the players must change with new techniques, better fitness, and other aspects of the game.  I realize that I also need to continue to change and continue to improve my coaching skills.  In this short article, I would like to share with you on some of the positive changes that I plan to implement in my coaching during the next year.

The Ironman Has Arrived

Ohio Welcomes the New Athlete

Scott Badillo (the ironman) currently holds the title of the most USATT tournament matches played in 2014.  He has so much desire to perfect his game that he recently moved from Michigan to Akron, Ohio to receve more lesson from coach Samson Dubina.  With a full training and tournament scheduled planned this fall, we are anxious to see some good results from Scott.  Welcome to Ohio!

This Sunday

Here is your invitation....

I would like to invite you to church.  On August 10th and August 17th I'll be teaching about prayer at Heritage Reformed Baptist Church at 9:30am.  
If you live in Northeast Ohio, I would love to see you there.  The address is
3077 Mt. Pleasant St. NW 
North Canton, Ohio 44720
If you will be coming to Ohio for a tournament or clinic somtime in the future and would like to attend our church, please let me know and you can probably get a ride with me sometime.