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Learn How to Give Your Best!

I have a little homework assignment for you.  Stand 2 feet away from a 5-gallon bucket and toss a penny into the bucket.  Easy right?  Now stand 2 feet away from a gallon of milk (with the lid off) and toss a penny into the milk container.  This requires more aiming and more focus, right?

Tournament @ Walsh University

Update on the September Newgy Akron Open!

Our September tournament will be staged at Walsh University's main gymnasium.  This state-of-the-art facility was built in 2011 and has 800 lux lighting, very high ceilings, and an amazing wood floor that can accomodate 30 tables.
We are now accepting more entries.  Enter today to reserve your spot!!
Entry Form and Details:

Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy

Read about some new coaching policies

There are a few updates that I would like to share...
Update #1 Credit card, debit card, paypal, cash, check, and money orders are now all accepted with no additional fees for private lessons, group lessons, robot sales, clinics, and tournaments.  You can now pay online, over the phone, or in person.
Update #2 For those students who are paying monthly, they will receive $10 discount per session on group lessons.  For a Friday-Saturday group lesson (3 sessions) each monthy paying student receives a $30 discount if participating in all the sessions.


Automatic Scoreboard - NOW AVAILABLE

The Pongtrac is now available

Notice the Trends

Learn to Maximize Your Tournament Performance

In tournaments, do you notice any trends to your wins and losses?  You must be like a detective and figure out why.  Figure out if there is anything that you can possibly do to fix these losses. 

FAQs - Part I

Learn about the contact point

Samson, I have a question.  Where should I contact most of the balls – when the ball is rising, when the ball has reached the peak in the trajectory, or as the ball is falling?
Good question.  I’ll give a separate answer for each stroke.
When blocking, it is important to contact the ball on the rise; this will help you to keep your block low and give your opponent less time to react.

USATT Article

Read a short article from the upcoming magazine

A Great "Dey" For Taprabrata
The Newgy Cincinnati Open was the first 4-Star USATT sanctioned event held in Cincinnati during the last 8 years.  With over 100 entries and 20 professional tables, this (soon to be) annual event has had a great beginning.  We plan to continue with the same giant round robin format – groups of 8 with the top 4 players advancing to the next round.

A True TT Story

Trust is a must or your game is a bust

I once had a student who was very ambitious about learning to attack.  Prior to taking lessons, he had only developed a pushing and blocking game.  For 9 months, I taught him to attack.  He said that he was using his attack against other players at the club.  Finally, the day arrived that I was ready to watch him play against another opponent, instead of just giving him a lesson.  Before the match, I told him not to worry about the score, but merely to focusing on using the weapons that he had been trained to use.

Learning Through Tournaments

Read a short tip from the world champion!

What do you think about after you lose a match?
Are you angry?
Do you make-up hundreds of excuses?
Do you feel like a loser?
Do you learn from your losses?
Do you grow stronger through the trials?
The former world champion (Jean-Philippe Gatien) gives us some helpful insight on losing…

Why I Train With a Robo-Pong Table Tennis Robot

Find Out the Details About the Robo-Pong 2050

I have personally been training with the Newgy Robo-Pong 2050 for the last 4 years.   I use the robot a couple hours each day to keep my game sharp.  Here are some of the features that I really appreciate about the 2050:
1.  The setup for my robot only takes one minute.  It is always ready for a quick training session at any time of the day or night.