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15 Reasons for Table Tennis

By Mike Boyd




15 Reasons to play Table Tennis in NE Ohio


What if I told you....

  1. There is a sport more popular in the world than baseball, American football, basketball, and lacrosse and NE Ohio has one of the top Academies ( in the United States for it?
  2. This is an Olympic sport with growing interest and scholarships in the United States.
  3. Your child has the opportunity to play with and be coached by some of the top Nationally ranked and Olympic athletes in the United States and around the world while playing in NE Ohio.
  4. EXERCISE! Unlike what most people believe from playing recreational ping pong or the beer pong version in the U.S., I guarantee that your child will be more active in this sport than the majority of their other sports (Example...a two day tournament will easily produce between 50k-75k steps for those of you with fitness trackers (30+ miles) and that's just in 2 days.
  5. Your child will earn his/her rating and accolades based on their own merit, hard work, discipline, and dedication unlike many other sports in your local school district.
  6. Your child is eligible to win prize money and trophies in tournaments at an early age. But more importantly, earn a sense of confidence and life skills that will carry them into adulthood.
  7. Life altering injuries are minimal in this sport compared to most other sports.
  8. Your child's socialization skills will exceed most other sports as he/she will have the opportunity to not only play with a selected few friends from their school but will be training, practicing, socializing, and playing with both children and adults from all ages and from all over the world. 
  9. The sport is fairly inexpensive compared to most other sports.
  10. There is no age limit so you too could do all of the above and with your family members or by yourself. (Players range from age 4-90).
  11. Studies have proven that this one of the most beneficial sports for brain development and motor skills while slowing the progression of Alzheimers and Dementia for adult players while providing mental therapy for those with ADD/ADHD.
  12. Great sport to play indoors to stay active in the winter months.
  13. There are weekly events, open play, and leagues on a continuous basis throughout NE Ohio. 
  14. There are multiple skill levels from beginner classes, advanced lessons, private lessons, and coaches available to teach you the proper way to play at your own pace. (Or just attend the club to meet people, get out of the house, de-stress, and burn some calories).
  15. It's Fun!!!
If interested in something new and exciting, come on up to the Shaw JCC of Akron at 750 White Pond Drive on a Thursday night or call me and I'll personally take you up.
Also, check out for all the events in the area.