Coach Samson Dubina US National Team Coach 4x USATT Coach of the Year

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The Secret!

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International Table Tennis Skills DVD


International Table Tennis Skills DVD is now available for $49.99 with FREE shipping worldwide!
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Paperback and Kindle

100 Days of Table Tennis

The Paddle Palace BEST SELLER is now available on kindle.
100 Days of Table Tennis (kindle)
100 Days of Table Tennis (paperback)

100 Days of Table Tennis!

Boost Your Game to a NEW LEVEL in 100 Days!

I have just completed my new book - 100 Days of Table Tennis.  I recommend reading 1 short chapter everyday for 100 days.  You will learn hundreds of new skills that will take your game, physically and mentally, to the next level!
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100 Days of Table Tennis

New Table Tennis Book!

My new table tennis book will be available soon!  This 200-page daily reader will take you on a 100-day journey.  Each day, you will learn new skills needed to take your game to the elite level.  Place your pre-order from June 19-27 and receive FREE shipping!  Preorders will be sent July 2015.  Orders placed after June 27th will be shipped August 2015.  To pre-order, send a $19.99 paypal payment to  Ohio customers add $1.35 sales tax.

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