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Table Tennis Nutrition

Learn How to Boost Your Level With FOOD!

As a table tennis coach, I receive hundreds of questions regarding a variety of topics including physical fitness, sports psychology, nutrition, and many other things.  In this blog, I’m going to briefly mention some basic nutrition rules that I have learned and try diligently to practice and encourage my students to practice as well.
Rule #1   Diets Don’t Work

Eating What?

Improving your game through the choices you make

Dear Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy Students...
This Christmas season, really consider the fact that what you eat has a huge impact on your feel for the day, on your immune system, on your overall health, on your tt game, and on your performance at the US Nationals in 2 weeks.  Here is an article that I want all of you to think about.
Coach Samson
Written by Health Freedom
Sugar's Effect on Your Immune System and How Fresh Foods Can Help

Eat to Win

Learn the Details About Meals

Most professional athletes have very strict diets.  They feast for breakfast eating heathly food with good carbohydrates, eat normal for lunch, and eat a bit lighter for dinner.
Why do they eat so much early in the day?  They eat large amounts of food to fuel their workouts.  Without the proper carbohydrate intake, they cannot give 100% to practice because they run out of energy after 1-2 hours.  The large intake of food in the morning is what fuels their workout. 

Tournament Food

Learn about eating, drinking, and snacking at tournaments!

Tournament Foods
I have several tips about eating at tournaments that I would like to share with you.  Apply these principles and you will be better energized for your next event.
Rule #1
Eat a good breakfast.

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