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Tin-Tin Ho and Samson Dubina

Hi Friends,
While many of your are still at home, I thought you might enjoy learning from the pros by watching some interviews.  In addition to the archived interviews, I also did an interview this week with the England National Champion...   Tin-Tin Ho. 
Interview Link to Instagram:

Satoko Hayashi Interview

Watch the video!


Get Advice From Robert Eriksson

Advice From Lily Zhang

lily zhang
Watch this Video Interview



Lily Zhang is one of the best rolemodels in the table tennis world for young athletes.  She works very hard in practice, gives her best to perfect all aspects of the game, and plays tournaments with total focus and determination.  Champion Lily has won many titles including US National Champion, Youth Olympic Medalist, World Junior Championship Medalist, and many more.  Check out this interview and learn from Lily's example.



In 2015, you played professionally at the WSA Academy in Austria.  What was your daily training schedule?

Massimo Costantini - Part II

Watch this interview and learn about the mental side of table tennis!





Massimo Costantini Interview - Part II
The Mental Side of Table Tennis

Learn about the mental side of the game, learn about overcoming nerves, learn how to win deuce games, learn about visualization, and much much more!!!

TT Interview

Pong Talk with the Stars

Samson Dubina Interview With Rahul Archarya
-Pong Talk with the Stars 


I owe this blog to Samson Dubina! It's interesting how sometimes one thing leads to another ... Someone recently asked me how I started writing this blog so here it is.

Coaching, Competing, Promoting

Two Interviews from Table Tennis Expert Ben Larcombe!

Expert Table Tennis Ben Larcombe from England interview me about my life as a coach, athlete, author, and promoter of the sport:

Details about illegal table tennis booster used by top players

Recent Training Video

Two Important Questions

Samson Dubina Interviewed by Rahul Acharya

I had a chance to see, talk to, and learn from some top international and national table tennis players. In this and the next couple of posts, I will share interviews with the experts.

I saw Samson Dubina (#1 player in Ohio and top 20 men in US (over 30)) stretching in preparation for a match and asked him for advise that I thought many of us could use.

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