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Learnin' Experience

Read about 4 main keys to improvement

After a poor performance at a tournament, many players go back to the local club and justify their play by saying, “Well, it was a learnin’ experience.”  Often, when questioned what they learned, these players use very general terms like – my backhand needs work.
In order to truly turn a bad tournament into a good thing, you must learn to be specific.  I know that it is painful, but do the following 4 things:


5 simple rules to maximizing your new skills!

Here are a few simple rules to improving…
1. Learn It
First, you need to have a clear understanding about your strengths and weaknesses.  You must also learn new information about how to improve your technique, how to improve your footwork, how to improve your strategy, and other aspects of your game.  The best way to learn it is to get professional coaching – in person or online.
2. Remember It

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