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Mental Strategies - Part 2

Dealing with a Trouble-Maker

Mental Strategies – Part II
Dealing With a Trouble-Maker
Some opponents like to cause controversy to break your concentration.  This trouble maker might cheat on the score, break the ball, complain about your serve, delay the game, or try to distract you in many other ways.  So what should you do in this particular situation?
1. Stay Calm
If you get worked up over this cheater, he will have accomplished his goal.  If you stay calm, you can keep your focus.
2. Get an Umpire

Mental Strategies - Part I

What should I be thinking about during a table tennis match?

Most top players would agree that table tennis is about 50% physical and 50% mental.  Yes, a top table tennis player must have good technique and good physical fitness, but equally important is the ability to play courageously, think strategically, overcome obstacles, and adapt to different game styles. This is an outline of the most important things that I concentrate on and the thoughts that I avoid while playing table tennis.
During a table tennis match, I want to focus on three primary things:


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