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Win Cash from HOME!

$1000 Robot Contest
We want to find out who is the world’s most creative robot user!  We are thrilled to announce our July contest.  Anyone can win!  First place is $1000 Gift Card or $500 Cash!
Here are the Rules:
Step 1 - Design a new Power Pong Robot Drill
Step 2 - Show a 1-2 minute demonstration of you or another player using the drill
Step 3 - Upload it to YouTube as a public video

Daily Practice

Are you practicing all areas of your game?

Hi Readers!  I hope you are staying safe in the difficult time!  What have you been practicing at home???  Are you neglecting some areas of your game.  I have been suggesting things for my students to work on.  Below is an e-mail that I sent today of a list of 15 things that need regular practice.  You should print off the list for yourself and see if you can improve each of these 15 things each week.  Check out the list below...
Dear Student,

Paper Towel Trick

Check out the new video!

Multiball COMBO Drills

Watch the NEW Video!


Fiona learning about control, footwork, and placement

New Ball and Robots...

Written by Larry Thoman

By Larry Thoman 
General Manager of Newgy Industries

Robot Skype Lessons

What will you learn in a robot lesson?

Throughout the year, many players have been improving through the use of robot practice.  If you purchase a Newgy Robot from me, then you can receive 3 hours of free skype lessons.  Call Roger at 1-800-55-NEWGY and tell him that Samson sent you.  If you are an advanced player, then your lessons will be geared toward very advanced robot drills.  If you are a beginner, then here is an outline for your first 3 skype lessons:
Robot Skype Lesson #1 (60 minutes)
Basic rules of the game
Basic robot set-up and take-down

The Drills

Read the benefits of various drills!

Newgy Robo-Pong 2050
Every robot comes with FREE LESSONS when purchased through
If you are a beginner, I would recommend starting your practice with drills 1-5.  With the spin set on TOPSPIN and the head angle set at TWO, select the drill number and begin.  If the drill is too fast, then give yourself more time between balls by adding +20% on the wait adjust.  As you progress, make it more fun and challenging by decreasing the wait adjust, giving you less time between balls.
Drill #1

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