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Win Cash from HOME!

$1000 Robot Contest
We want to find out who is the world’s most creative robot user!  We are thrilled to announce our July contest.  Anyone can win!  First place is $1000 Gift Card or $500 Cash!
Here are the Rules:
Step 1 - Design a new Power Pong Robot Drill
Step 2 - Show a 1-2 minute demonstration of you or another player using the drill
Step 3 - Upload it to YouTube as a public video
Step 4 - Send the YouTube Link to Samson Dubina
The judges will be looking for who can create the most game-like drill:
1. Mixing Different - speeds, spins, heights, depths, and placements within the same drill
2. Demonstration using different strokes to return the different spins such as pushing, flipping, chopping, looping, blocking, lobbing, and counterlooping
3. Timing of the ball should look and feel like a game by adjusting the delay time
Contest Starts on Monday, July 6th at 11am and ends on Saturday, July 25th at Midnight.  Each contest participant can submit up to three videos of themselves using a Power Pong 5000, Power Pong 3001, or Power Pong 2001 Robot.  The Power Pong Staff will review the videos and decide on the winner.  If there is a tie, then the winners will split the prize.  If you are submitting a video for another player, you must specify who is the submitting the video in the competition. All the videos will be showcased online and acknowledged for their efforts.  The winner will be notified by Tuesday, July 28.  The gift card is to the Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy and can be used in the pro shop or online for equipment, lessons, tournaments, camps, online lessons and anything else that we offer.  The cash can be picked up at the pro shop or can be sent via check or money order.  The winner can choose between a $1000 Gift Card or $500 Cash!
Who Cannot Participate:
The owner of Power Pong, the family members of the owner, the app developers, and Samson Dubina himself cannot participate in the contest.
Who Can Participate:
Anyone else can participate including customers, friends and family of customers, coaches, SDTTA coaches, dealers, distributors, and affiliates can also participate.  If you don’t have a Power Pong robot, buy one today and submit your video by July 25th.
YouTube Channel:
If you don’t have a YouTube channel, you can text your video to Samson 330-949-9230 and he will upload it to his channel.
Bonus Points:

  1. Add explanation
  2. Add multiple video angles
  3. Add voiceover
  4. Add slow motion replay

Questions can be directed to Samson Dubina
Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy
Phone: 330-949-9230
Address: 2262 South Arlington Rd Akron, Ohio 44319