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Maximizing Your Game Under Poor Circumstances

Learn 10 Ways to Immediately Boost Your Table Tennis Game!

I posted this article about 4 years ago.  For those of you who didn't read it previously, I would recommend that you check it out!  This article applies to over 90% of US Players...
Maximizing Your Game Under Poor Circumstances
True or False Question:
One must play against better players in order to improve?
Answer:  FALSE

Emotions At The US Nationals

who is your enemy?
Problem and Solutions



Learn how to improve your game 500 points this year!

Every table tennis player should strive for dexterity.  This is a skill that some players are naturally more gifted with and some players are not.  The good news is that it can be trained as well.  So what is dexterity???
Dictionary Definition of “Dexterity”
noun \dek-ˈster-ə-tē, -ˈste-rə-\
: the ability to use your hands skillfully
: the ability to easily move in a way that is graceful
: clever skill : the ability to think and act quickly and cleverly

Devastate the One Wing Looper

Read the 8 Main Keys





If your opponent’s primary shot is an extreme topspin attack, he is considered a looper. Loopers can play far from the table or close to the table; some loopers are penholders while others use the shakehands grip, some loop from both forehand and backhand and some just forehand. In this article, I’m going to describe the opponent who loops with just his forehand.

Open Your Eyes 0_0

Look at your opponent and win!

Winning tournaments isn’t merely about having fast footwork and a powerful loop.  Winning is often determined by how poorly you can make your opponent play.  In many other sports like swimming or running or weight lifting, you compete and your opponent competes.  Your job in running is to perform well yourself.  However, your job in table tennis is to hinder your opponent.  I’m going to be very blunt here…  If your opponent doesn’t miss, then you can’t score a single point! Think about that for a minute…

Plan A vs Plan B

Learn about making necessary adjustments!

Plan A vs Plan B
If you are winning a match, then typically you will keep your tactics while making minor adjustments in your shot selection and giving some variations in your shots.  If you are losing a match, then typically you will need to make more changes.  If the match continues as it started, you will lose.  So, you will need to decide to push yourself to make the necessary changes.
What kind of changes need to be made?
Plan A Changes


Get a sneak-peak of the action...



International Table Tennis Skills - DVD TRAILER:





During this 2 hour and 17 minute DVD you will learn the details of game strategy, anticipation, advanced strokes, footwork, serve, serve return, and much much more. This DVD is now available in North America and will soon be available in Europe and Asia.


The Heavyweight Champion

Learn 4 Keys to Beating This Opponent!

When playing against an overweight opponent, there are a few things that you must remember.
#1 Don’t underestimate him based on his size
#2 Realize that he probably stays very close to the table
#3 Realize that he will likely have difficulty moving in-and-out
#4 Realize that he probably uses his wrist well and can be very deceptive with his shots

200 in ONE

Read a Summary Article on Various Topics

Within the last year, there have been over 200 posted coaching articles at  I realize that sometimes it can seem overwhelming to try to figure out which articles to read and which tips that you should be applying to your game.  For this reason, I have written this summary article which will summarize many of the articles within 1 sentence. 
When developing a good loop, focus on spin rather than speed.
When developing a good push, contact the ball early and keeping the ball low with spin.

Beat the Tall Dude

Learn the details of killing giants

Playing against a very tall player might seem scary, but if you implement the right strategies, you can do it. First, I'm going to outline what he probably does well. Next, I'm going to outline your game-plan.
Keep in mind that very tall players have a wide wingspan. With a little leaning and reaching, he can often cover about 7 feet without taking any steps at all. Very tall players usually smash well and can power through most lobs.


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