Coach Samson Dubina 2016 US National Team Coach 2015 - 2018 USATT Coach of the Year

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200 in ONE

Read a Summary Article on Various Topics

Within the last year, there have been over 200 posted coaching articles at  I realize that sometimes it can seem overwhelming to try to figure out which articles to read and which tips that you should be applying to your game.  For this reason, I have written this summary article which will summarize many of the articles within 1 sentence. 
When developing a good loop, focus on spin rather than speed.
When developing a good push, contact the ball early and keeping the ball low with spin.
When developing a good block, try to bend your knees, lean forward, get your feet in position, and relax your grip.
When developing a good smash, focus on getting your feet in position first then take your backswing to the appropriate height depending on the ball placement, ball depth, ball height, and spin.
When developing a good serve, focus on serving low with spin while, Using the serves that best setup your game, training them in a tournament environment, varying the quality of spin, and using them in practice matches as well.
When developing a good serve return, focus on having the proper ready position, reading the spin from your opponent’s racket, moving to the ball, reading the bounce, then adjusting and readjusting just before contact.
When developing a good strategy, focus on your opponent’s strengths, weaknesses, serve, and serve return.
When developing a good perspective on winning and losing, read the book 7 Days in Utopia.
When developing a good level of confidence, remember that…  trust is a must or your game is a bust.
When developing a good deception, focus on varying the spin, speed, placement, and type of shot while still staying within your means to maintain at least 70% consistency.
When developing a good base of physical training, focus on lower body and core strength and speed – focus on speed and flexibility, not bulky muscle.
When developing a good tournament plan, be sure to set goals – when you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.
When developing good rallies, focus on anticipating the incoming ball based on the placement of your hit, the type of your hit, the spin of your hit, watching your opponent’s racket, while watching the incoming ball.
When developing a good tournament game, try to play at least 1 tournament per month to test your skills and test your ability to perform well under pressure.
When developing a good strategy against loopers, try to attack first and force them to block or lob.
When developing a good strategy against blocker, be patience and work the point until you a ready to hit a winner.
When developing a good strategy against choppers, try to attack the middle often and move them in-and-out instead of side to side.
When developing a good strategy against lobbers, try to see which balls are hitting near the net (smash down) and which balls are hitting near your endline (smash forward).
When developing a good strategy against lefties, try to expose the wide forehand with explosive loops then curve wide the backhand when they are away from the table.
When developing a good strategy against long pips, try to push deep to the pips in order to get an easy no-spin ball to loop.
When developing a good strategy against female players, try to loop with plenty of spin deep on the table, which will be difficult for them to smash or block.
When developing a good power shot, focus on using your core muscles while relaxing your arm as much as possible – at contact, focus on the acceleration. 
When developing a good mental game, try to focus on the performing and strategizing rather than the benefits of winning or the consequences of losing.
When developing a peace-maker approach, try to be calm during a heated moment and remember what Proverbs says…  that a soft answer turns away wrath but grievious words stir up anger.