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Patty and Si Wasserman Junior TT Tournament

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Hi Tournament Participants,

Thanks for signing up for the Patty and Si Wasserman Junior Table Tennis Tournament. We look forward to a fun and safe experience!  Please take a moment and check out the improvements that we have listed below...
1. Arrival
Players can arrive no earlier than 1 hour prior to their event start time.  So, if your event starts at 6pm, you can arrive anytime from 5pm-6pm. Doors open on Friday at 9am for the 10am participants.  Doors open at 9am on Saturday for the 10am participants.  So if your event starts at 2pm, you can arrive between 1pm-2pm.  Due to building limits, we cannot allow you to come and practice and hangout throughout the day.
2. Finish
Once you have finished your last match for that event, you need to leave.  We love having you here and love having you hang-out with us.  We are just trying to limit the number of people in the building to minimize the risk.
3. Spectators
No spectators are allowed.  There will be some exceptions made in regards to parents or a personal coach that comes.  Coaches and parents must have permission before the tournament day.  If you are planning to come (and aren't signed up to play) just make sure that you e-mail me or text me 330-949-9230 ahead of time.  If you come on the tournament day (without prior permission) you won't be able to come in.
4. Masks
Yes, masks are required when not playing.  First mask violation is a verbal warning.  Second violation is a written signed warning.  Third violation (well, let's hope we don't get to even a first violation :)
5. Practice
If you want to practice on Thursday, you can come anytime from 2pm-5:30 pm or 9pm-11pm.  We have a league going on from 6:30-9pm.  We are full for the league and aren't accepting more players.
6. US Citizenship
All juniors competing in the age events must be US citizens.

7. Sign In
We now offer contact-less sign in.  Please print the WAIVER and answer the questions and bring it from home.  Once you enter the building, we will take your temperature and write it for you.  If you are feeling any signs of illness or have been in contact with anyone showing signs of illness or recently tested positive, please stay home.  We will refund your money 100%.  If you are playing a match and begin feeling sick, please leave immediately then call me 330-949-9230 once you are outside the building.
8. FREE N95
Thanks to our sponsor APAPA we now have free medical masks and free N95 masks for everyone.  If you don't have one, please pick one up at the desk upon entering the building.
9. Rules
There will be no prize money or trophies for dumps, defaults, splits, and no-shows.  Additional rules include:
-You must get a new disinfected ball before each match
-You don't switch sides of the table, stay on the same side
-Please avoid wiping your hand on the table or spitting on your racket
-Please wipe sweat of the table using a clean dry towel
-Winner of each match is responsible for recording the score via paper or the app as soon as the match is complete
10. Masks are required over your nose and mouth the entire time you are in the building, until the time you cross the barriers into the court.  Once you cross the barriers, put your mask in your racket case or pocket and play your match.  At the conclusion of the match, give a virtual high five to the opponent, put your mask back on, and cross the barriers to go record your amazing win.  Great job! :)
11. For match times, you can expect the groups to take about 4 hours and the elimination rounds to take about 2.5 hours.  So if your event starts at 6pm, then you can expect the group matches to go from 6pm-10pm and elimination matches from 10-12:30.

Samson Dubina