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Presper Financial Architects Open

Join us!

Hi Friends,

We are thrilled to have a great turnout for the Presper Financial Architects Open (Nov 20-21) table tennis tournament!  Our goal is to give you a safe and fun experience throughout the weekend!

1. Sharon Alguetti rated 2651
2. Gal Alguetti rated 2588
3. Mishel Levinski rated 2540
4. Ye Tian rated 2539
5. Chance Friend rated 2531
6. Rachid Ed Boubou rated 2438
7. Seth Pech rated 2393
8. Wale Wahab rated 2382
9. Sarah Jalli rated 2339
10. Emmanuel Tuglo rated 2284
11. Chang Chen rated 2269
12. Zelin Ye rated 2244
13. Vinay Chandra rated 2209
14. Hasan Saidov rated 2201
15. Louis Leven rated 2178
16. Rachel Wang rated 2176
17. Jacob Boyd rated 2126
18. Jonathan Santamaria rated 2119
19. Isabella Xu rated 2108
20. Luis Rodrigues rated 2106

So who are the top contenders to take home the title and a large portion of the $3000 cash prizes?  The top 2 seeds are twins.  Yes, they are twins and also both members of the US National Team - Sharon and Gal Alguetti born in Israel and now US citizens who have claimed many national and international titles representing the US.  The 3rd seed from New York City is Mishel Levinski, who is one of the most creative players in the sport and now making his first appearance at the Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy; we are sure to see some excellent highlights from him.  The 4th seed is Ye Tian from Swan Warriors who recently made it all to the way to the finals at our last tournament.  The 5th seed is Chance Friend who is a full time coach/practice partner here at SDTTA.  Chance has made some great improvements in his game lately and will really be peaking to win this tournament  The 6th seed, Rachid Ed Boubou, is a former national champion of Lebanon who is currently living in the US.

The tournament format is Giant Round Robin Groups of 6-8 players with the top 4 advancing from each group to the playoffs.  Expect to play 5-9 matches per event!  Spectators are welcome to come on Friday from 2pm-5pm and Saturday from 10am-noon.  At other times, we will reach building capacity and for safety reasons cannot allow spectators.  We would like to send a special THANK YOU to our title sponsor PRESPER FINANCIAL ARCHITECTS for their continued support of our academy, even in this challenging year we are in.  Here at the Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy, we strive to daily give you a safe, fun experience as you come here to train, compete, and win!  We hope to see you soon!

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Safety Precautions

Upcoming Training Camps
Ohio Winter Camp (Dec 28-Jan 1) 
Safety Precautions

Thanks and see you soon!
Samson Dubina